Oxford Lingua offers services provided by expert native speaker professionals who are fluent in the language as well as familiar with its various dialects. Our expert translation staff strive to give the exact replication of the content in Spanish. Knowing this, you can be guaranteed that any content writing, subtitling, translation, or transcreation needs are in safe hands with Oxford Lingua. We provide complete assistance in transforming the document from the source language to Spanish, and vice versa, without losing any of its essence. With research and training programs, we have a team of Spanish linguists who laisse with subject area experts, so we can provide the best of and most accurate language, research and training solutions.

Being among the top widely spoken languages in the world, it is essential that all the services could be availed in Spanish. That is why, our services in Spanish include: Content Writing, Translation, Transcription, Transcreation, Subtitling, Research, and Training.

Spanish has a bigger market and so it’s important that the services also include a vast scope. Our scope of services in Spanish extends to these subject areas: Business, Marketing, Finance, Literature, Academia, Culture and Humanities, Media and Communication, International Politics, Law, IT and Software, Science, and Medicine.