At the forefront of technology, business and commerce, China is an incredibly desirable economy and market for any business to gain a foothold. Business growth opportunities can only be grasped successfully when language does not pose any limitations. Whether your content is academic, business-related, legal, or related to any other sector, it must be communicated in an effective way to the target audience.

Effective communication and promotion can only succeed in China with a full comprehension of Chinese culture. Moreover, correspondence mistakes with Chinese-based speculators or colleagues can prove costly. At Oxford Lingua, we deliver Chinese language solutions offered by native speaker professionals to businesses, research institutes and organisations across all areas. Our language staff do not just offer word-to-word translation; they guarantee that your message is communicated in the manner intended to avoid miscommunication and embarrassment.

China is one of the superpowers of the world politically, economically and academically. Many research studies are conducted in China as the demand for it in the national market is high. This is why conducting research in mandarin Chinese would be highly beneficial. Besides, mandarin Chinese has the largest audience than any other language among 6500 languages spoken all over the world. Therefore, training programmes developed in Chinese are certainly needed for employees of Chinese organisations, and Chinese speaker staff of global corporations and businesses.

We can fulfil your requirement for Mandarin Chinese content by providing any of these services: Content Writing, Translation, Transcription, Transcreation, Subtitling, Research, and Training.

The services for the vast audience of Mandarin Chinese are offered in the following subject areas: Business, Marketing, Finance, Literature, Academia, Culture and Humanities, Media and Communication, International Politics, Law, IT and Software, Science, and Medicine.