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Oxford Lingua stands as a premier hub for global translation services, specializing in Translation, Subtitling, Transcreation, Transcription, Content Writing, Research, and Training. With bases in Oxford and London, our offerings are designed to meet a wide range of professional and academic needs.

Oxford Lingua

Professional Translation, Documentation, and Localization Options

After receiving your brief, our team of experts in translation services work 24/7 to produce an initial draft, which is then reviewed and refined by subject area specialists incorporating insights from our proficiency in over 200 world languages. This process ensures the highest quality and accuracy, solidifying our reputation as a leading UK translation services provider.

Translation Services

As a premier translation company, Oxford Lingua offers unparalleled translation services with certified translators ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance globally.

Transcreation and Localization

Our team adeptly overcomes language barriers, ensuring your message impacts globally. We offer transcreation that connects with your audience across languages.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services for Diverse Audiences - Oxford Lingua delivers prompt, precise, and reliable subtitling services across a spectrum of languages.

Transcription Services

Oxford Lingua specialises in precise, clearly edited transcription services in the UK, making us a preferred choice due to our commitment to quality.

Content Creation and Copywriting

Our copywriting services at Oxford Lingua span across virtually all languages and cover a wide range of subjects.

Research Services

As a distinguished translation company, our team of highly skilled researchers offers comprehensive research studies across various fields.

Training Services

Our training experts create and deliver targeted training programs for various needs, ensuring participants develop practical, real-world skills.

Oxford Lingua

Expertise Across Diverse Fields

Our offerings span a wide range of disciplines, ensuring expert service in Business, Marketing, Finance, Literature, Academic Research, Cultural Studies, Humanities, Media Studies, Communication, Global Politics, Legal Matters, Technology, Software Development, Scientific Research, and Medical Documentation.

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Should you need a language service that broadens the reach of your content or are in search of specialised research or training programs, we invite you to get in touch for a personalised quote. Our translation team excels in delivering precise, culturally aligned translation solutions across diverse sectors, ensuring clarity and relevance.



We Treat Our Clients Like Family

"Oxford Lingua recently translated a text for me that required very careful consideration of both the tone and style as well as complex and unusual technical language. Following the first prompt response to my query, what I found truly outstanding was the patience to listen to my needs, and the willingness to discuss exactly how my specific ideas and terms had been dealt with. The care taken with this translation was exceptional. Everything was also on time, despite the tight deadline. I cannot recommend more highly."

Shelley Sacks, Professor Emerita, Oxford Brookes University

"express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional subtitling services provided by Oxford Lingua. As a client in need of accurate and top-notch subtitling for our video projects, I am pleased to say that they have consistently exceeded our expectations"

Sophia, (film production company)

"I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the exemplary transcribing services your company has provided. And I would also like to commend your team for their impeccable attention to detail. The transcripts delivered were flawlessly transcribed."

Lary, researcher from York, UK

"One aspect that sets your content writing services apart is the meticulous attention to detail and research that underpins every piece of content. The impact of your content writing services on our business has been truly remarkable. Thank you once again for the exceptional content writing services"

Eleanor, company owner from Portsmouth, UK

"It was evident from the start that your training programs were meticulously designed with our specific needs and objectives in mind. We found the content to be comprehensive, relevant, and tailored to our industry, making every session highly engaging"

Tom, company director based in Sheffield, UK

"Super satisfied! I can now say I'm a published author in 5 different languages!"

Josephine, writer and author from Ontario, Canada