The translation service is for those customers wishing to translate or change their content from one language is into another. This translation is done by a language expert proficient in the source and the target language, making it accessible to new readers.

Oxford Lingua is pleased to introduce excellent translation services provided by qualified translators. While translating content from one language to another requires authority and energy in two languages, adjustments in syntax and sentence construction for translating content from one to another, our translators are specially trained to take up this task and make the text absolutely correct and authentic in the target language. Furthermore, there are numerous aspects to language translation that require native speaking competence as well as expertise in the subject area, so we try to make the absolute best match between customer and translator.

Our work starts when you send us a copy of the script that requires translation. After an initial conversation via email or phone to fully assess your needs, we will start the following process:

  • Producing the first draft of your translated work
  • Expert editing with a subject area specialist (so scientific content, for instance, is verified by a professional scientist)
  • Final proofreading before sending you the finished translation

In the first phase, our translators perform their work of translating the whole content in an absolute manner in order to produce the first draft. This draft is then checked and reviewed by a subject area specialist we can who identify any errors and inconsistencies in the content. From here, the content undergoes meticulous proofreading from our language editors so it reads perfectly well in the desired language.

We offer Translation in Business, Marketing, Finance, Literary, Academia, Culture and Humanities, Media and Communication, International Politics, LawIT and Software, Science and Medicine.

The language experts we have on staff are proficient in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, and other languages. Please contact us for more information about our translators.