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Expert Transcription Solutions 

When it comes to transcription, this means the process of writing down recorded content that could be audio or video materials. Our services available for clients in the UK embrace fully copy edited transcriptions of the recorded material. Our transcribers get to work by listening to your recordings and rendering them into Word documents with the appropriate tools. This service is useful as it assists in the reposting of content for use in different platforms making it more useful. 

Recording-to-text translation is provided by Oxford Lingua, which specializes in transforming any spoken language to text. This capacity has been developed by continuously recording demographically diverse groups resulting in an impressive ability to transcribe many mediums including mp3, mp4, cassettes, compact discs, DVD's, video cassettes, mini disks, digital audio, digital video, audiotape, microcassettes, and many others. 

Types of Transcription Services 

At Oxford Lingua, we offer four different types of transcription services: At Oxford Lingua, we offer four different types of transcription services: 

  • Verbatim Transcription: This includes all the unwanted expressions and all the gaps in the recording, including all the vocally used words and the nonverbal communication. As mentioned before, verbatim transcript is typically more extensive, and therefore increasingly comprehensive with a slight chronological rise in detailing observed. 
  • Edited Transcription: This type does not translate, or replace the text with something having a different meaning, but removes the information that is considered non-verbal. It comes up with clear and polished texts that are formal and detailed. 
  • Intelligent Transcription: This service is oriented on the translation of the audio information into short and readable texts. Since it is a transcribed version, transcribers are able to modify and cut down on various form of speech, making it applicable to numerous business uses. 
  • Phonetic Transcription: It aims to capture how the sounds are uttered by the speakers, with a particular focus on pronunciation of words. This can also extend to annotation of the way that the speaker’s tone rises and falls, as well as how different sounds overlap within the audio. It is used where specific research is conducted for academic purposes and in relation to languages. 

Choose a Transcription Service Wisely 

  • Verbatim Transcription: Best suited specifically for specialty applications where all of the text has to be analyzed for accuracy. 
  • Edited Transcription: This is ideal for preparing clean professional copies ideal for publishing purposes. 
  • Intelligent Transcription: This offers accurate and concise transcripts that can be generally used in any business facility. 
  • Phonetic Transcription: This is employed for highly elaborate linguistics or academic oriented projects. 

Our Transcription Services in the UK

We provide transcription services related to various fields, including  Business, Marketing, Finance, Literature, Academia, Culture and Humanities, Media and Communication, International Politics, Law, IT and Software, Science and Medicine. Our transcription services in Oxford, London and across the UK are renowned for their accuracy and quality.

Multilingual Transcription Services

Our staff are proficient in more than 200 world languages, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Persian, in addition to other languages. Please contact us if you need transcription services in another language.

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If you need professional transcription services or a skilled transcriptionist, reach out to Oxford Lingua. We are dedicated to providing top-notch transcription services in the UK and ensuring your content is accurately transcribed and accessible.