Welcome to Oxford Lingua

Welcome to Oxford Lingua, an Oxford-based institution devoted to offering expert services in Translation, Subtitling, Transcreation, Transcription, Content Writing, Research, and Training.

At Oxford Lingua, we work with highly skilled linguists, researchers and trainers to provide our clients with a bespoke service. Our team has a great wealth of practical experience in the services we offer. As a customer-centred organisation, we believe in consistently meeting the needs of those who require our services. Our organisation aims to live up to the Oxford name with the quality of the services we provide. What sets Oxford Lingua apart from other language and research organisations is our passion for customer satisfaction. We involve our clients closely in the work we take on to ensure that their needs are met and the finished product or commission exceeds expectations.


Our Services


Our services broadly include translation and research in addition to training courses offered in various subject areas. Our translators are language experts who aim to produce target texts with content that is both accurate and easy to read in the selected language. Our objective with translation work is to make content read in the target languages as if it were written by professional authors in a first language. For research projects, we have subject area experts and qualified researchers with a range of experience in producing high quality data, reports and publications. We also design and create training courses in various subject areas and a variety of languages. These training courses are designed and delivered based upon your training needs and they will have the benefit of our professional experience and knowledge of the market.

As well as providing our regular translation services, we also offer transcription, transcreation, content writing, and subtitling services. For transcription, we have the necessary tools and talent required to transcribe anything from a short piece to a full monograph as accurately as possible. When working on a project for transcreation, however, we will ensure your highly creative work maintains its originality throughout the process of adapting it into the new languages. As content writers, we plan the content for your websites, blogs, articles, social media with search engine optimisation in mind to ensure good web traffic and engagement. We also provide subtitles for your films and presentations to make it accessible to larger audiences.

Our Subject Areas

The services we provide relate to the following subject areas which are the professional specialisms of the experts we currently have on staff: Business, Marketing, Finance, Literature, Academia, Culture and Humanities, Media and Communication, International Politics, Law, IT and Software, Science, and Medicine.

Our Languages


We provide the full set of language, research and training solutions in the following commonly used languages including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, and Persian (Farsi), in addition to other languages. Linking the right language specialist to the right commission is our objective here so that we can ensure that the final content will provide a natural and accurate reading experience.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of people, community and the sharing of knowledge, passion and skill. We take our reputation very seriously. At Oxford Lingua, our vision for creating and maintaining this reputation can be summarised in our Mission and Values:

Oxford Lingua

Our Mission

We strive to provide services which will ensure your content stands out from the crowd.

By providing the highest standard of work and consistently high quality of content, we ensure your satisfaction.

Excellent communication is key to effective business relationships, so we aim to build the best possible rapport with our customers and clients.

We guarantee completion of tasks and commitment to the deadlines.

Our Values

These are the values we hold while performing the day-to-day activities that shape our business:

We show dedication towards a job well done.



We believe trustworthiness among our staff and trust between our staff and the client is very important

We offer full authenticity of the work we provide in terms of translation and especially research work, meaning you will always work with a team of professionals who have the necessary skills and experience for the job.

We maintain transparency in our working processes by disclosing necessary information and involving clients at every step.


We believe in maintaining integrity by keeping confidence between customers and staff and we abide by the principles of confidentiality.


We think outside the box and encourage creativity in finding solutions to any challenges we face.