Literature can include any written work in the form of prose, poetry and drama. Its forms can include novels, essay, short stories, graphic novels, zines, periodicals and more. Literature can also refer to the critical scholarship on any given topic; this includes non-fiction textbooks and pieces of scholarly work in any discipline or literary criticism. Authors and writers of different nations often write these literary works in one language, commonly their own native language. However, all these literary forms require translation into other languages to make rich cultural works from around the world available to as vast an audience as possible. Writing plays, dramas, poetry and other kinds of literature is a matter of great talent and skill. Choosing to translate your work into other languages enhances the reach of the literary work to a wider audience and gives you the opportunity for global recognition.

Oxford Lingua has served a lot of writers with their literary and critical works. Whether it’s translation, transcreation, or subtitling and captioning, we have the talent on staff to attend to everything you need to elevate your content. With our expert transcreation services, we add literary value to your work and keep the flow of the original language intact. Assisting you with the research necessary for the creation of your literary works is by far one of our most fascinating tasks and our researchers are more than happy to conduct research studies for you. If there is any amount literary research you require in any language, our researchers will get it done. We can also provide bespoke training programmes in creative writing or writing for academic purposes.