What is Transcreation?

Transcreation combines translation and some degree of creative writing in to produce an effectively communicated piece of text. A transcreator’s job is to present the source text through translating meaning but also creating original content that does not literally correspond to the original text. This process can be quite demanding as the transcreator needs to deftly differentiate between which parts of the texts require faithful translation and which parts need interpretating via creative articulation in order for coherent translation of meaning,  A proficient transcreator will consult the source text carefully and keep it close by as a reference; they will make themselves familiar with the source text, ensuring they understand all its elements and are certain about what the content intends to communicate: its meaning. The transcreation text will perform the same essential function of the source text via a new and original articulation in the desired language.

Researching in Transcreation

Knowledge of the subject matter in such writing is fundamental. Transcreators normally engage in extended reading and research to ensure they can demonstrate enough knowledge to feel comfortable elaborating upon the topic. Thus, when compared to regular translation, transcreation is considered a markedly more complex kind of writing task. Consequently, you could say that every transcreator can perform translation, but not every translator can perform sophisticated transcreation.

When is it Necessary to Use Transcreation?

Transcreation is required when translating culturally or emotively significant meaning, the likes of which can be found in poetry, slogans, speeches, idioms, and films. Such materials require efficient translation of the meaning in a manner that corresponds with the intended tone and effect of the source text. The rhyming of a verse or the fun element in some slogans can be hard to translate, and creating a similar effect is what should be put forth in the transcreated piece. This artistic element is what makes the transcreator’s job so distinctive yet complex.